Caring for your Triumph motorcycle parts

Caring for your Triumph motorcycle parts

As a Triumph motorcycle rider, you will want to ensure that you are taking the best care of your machine and that when you purchase replacement parts, they are from a reputable stockist. As a long established Triumph part supplier, we only provide our customers with the very best, with the vast majority of our… Read more »

Triumph Clutch Parts Advice & Tips

CLUTCH Pre-unit Springs: Stand on their ends and compare a new spring, if the length is not the same or very nearly so then replace. Bonded plates: Wash in paraffin and examine the sections for wear and general condition.  The depth of each side of the plate should be 1/32” , the tongues of each… Read more »

The History Of Triumph Motorcycles

1885 – 1941 The origins of the Triumph Motorcycle dates back to 1885, when Siegfried Bettmann started an import/export business marketing pedal bicycles using his own brand name.  He had moved to London from Germany and then only a year later changed the name to Triumph when he moved to Coventry and rented a small… Read more »