Caring for your Triumph motorcycle parts

As a Triumph motorcycle rider, you will want to ensure that you are taking the best care of your machine and that when you purchase replacement parts, they are from a reputable stockist. As a long established Triumph part supplier, we only provide our customers with the very best, with the vast majority of our stock being produced here in England, or by high quality and trusted providers in Germany or Italy.

Read on to learn more about our top Triumph care tips…

Firstly, running-in your rebuilt engine

Although the new parts are machined as accurately as possible, the moving parts need to mate with each other or become what is known as “run-in”. At a low constant speed, this would take considerable mileage. Therefore, the ideal method of running-in is to progressively increase the load, and length of time the load is maintained.

Your machine will travel at 50mph (80km/h) with only a small throttle opening on a level road without harm. But, any use of a large throttle opening even in a lower gear, other than for a very short time, may cause damage.

How can I avoid damage to my Triumph engine? 

Change gear frequently so that the engine is always working easily, neither pulling hard in a high gear nor revolving fast in a low gear. The extra use of the gearbox helps to run-in all the transmission parts that have been replaced. It is hard to quote a set mileage but provided that the running-in is done intelligently, it should be possible to use maximum performance after 1500 miles (2500km). Whenever the maximum performance is used, we would recommend snapping shut the throttle occasionally as this will suck a certain amount of oil up to the cylinders.

Make sure you perform routine maintenance on your Triumph motorcycle parts

After the running-in period, it is important to undertake routine maintenance on all of the components of your classic Triumph bike, below we have outlined what this maintenance will include and when you should complete it.


Performing maintenance on your Triumph engine is vital to ensuring that it runs smoothly and should help you to avoid expensive repairs. A check you should be doing regularly is on your oil, we would recommend checking this every 250 miles, and replenishing it if necessary.

Other Triumph engine maintenance checks that should be done less often include:

  • Draining the oil tank when warm and refilling every 1500 miles
  • Cleaning the Triumph oil filters every 1500 miles
  • Checking and adjusting the tappets after 3000-4000 miles
  • Cleaning and adjusting the spark plugs every 2000-3000 miles
  • Decarbonising and top-end overhaul at 10-12,000 miles.

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Similarly to your engine maintenance, we would advise that you check your Triumph gearbox oil and replenish every 1000 miles. After 5000 miles, you should then do a full oil drain, but don’t forget to do this when your gearbox is warm.

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Primary Chain Case

Draining and replacing the oil from the primary chain case should be done every 1000 miles or every month, whichever comes first. Whilst you are doing that, it is good practice to also check the cover security screws.


There are a few maintenance jobs that should be completed at various stages on your Triumph forks. Firstly at around 5000 miles, you should drain the oil and refill and check the head races. Once you have reached 10,000 miles, you should re-pack with grease and lastly at 20,000 miles, renew the bushes, bearings and oil seals.

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Swinging Arm

This Triumph part does not require too much maintenance, but we would advise you to apply grease with a gun every 1500 miles.

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Simply re-pack with grease every 10,000 miles and check the wheel bearings at every 2000-3000 mile interval.

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When maintaining your Triumph chains, you should look to adjust the tension at around every 1000 miles, or when necessary. Your rear chain should also be lubricated every 1000 miles for maximum performance.

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To ensure that your Triumph brakes run efficiently, you should keep these lubricated and adjust every 1000 miles.

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Tyre pressure 

Checking your tyre pressure regularly is one of the most crucial checks you should be completing and it should be done weekly. However, this does obviously depend on the miles you are covering on your Triumph motorcycle, but you should still check your tyre manual for optimum pressure.

Don’t forget… It is recommended that you always check your tyre pressure when your tyres are cold.


Dismantle and clean your Triumph/Amal carburetter every 1500 miles.  It is advisable to clean it if your Triumph motorcycle hasn’t been run for a while.

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Air filter 

To allow your engine to run in the most powerful and productive way, you need to ensure that the air filter is kept clean. It may be a bit of a messy maintenance job but is well worth keeping on top of. You should clean or replace your Triumph air filter every 2000 miles.

Magneto or distributor 

Lastly, make sure you clean and adjust the contact points every 2-3000 miles, as well as clean and lubricate the contact breaker every 5000 miles.

In addition to all of the above maintenance checks for your Triumph motorcycle parts, you should also lubricate all the cables and check that all the nuts and bolts are secure. If you need further help, please give Tri-Supply owner, Oliver Barnes a call and he will be happy to assist. 

Ordering replacement Triumph parts.

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