Triumph Gasket Sets

    Tri-Supply stocks a wide range of Triumph gasket sets for classic Triumph motorcycles.

    We are the no. 1 stockist for all Triumph motorcycle parts because we offer a reliable delivery service, and all our products are made of high-quality materials.

    Our gasket sets include: pushrod seals, rocker box gaskets, copper head gasket sets and many more.

    Can’t find the gasket set you were looking for? Use the search bar to browse our website, or contact us here.

    Please note – Sets are supplied for all models, and most include a copper head gasket. When ordering, please state the model, year and any relevant details that could affect specification, e.g.9 stud top half, later pushrod tubes etc.

    If you have any questions about the website or have difficulty finding parts please ring Oliver Barnes +44 (0) 1395 444099 or email

    Contact us Due to unforeseen circumstances online orders are now suspended. Check back soon for updates.

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