Triumph Centre Stands

    Tri-Supply stocks a wide range of Triumph centre stands for classic Triumph motorcycles.

    A center stand is primarily used for motorcycle maintenance work, and is not suitable for parking or propping your motorcycle. It allows you to get one (or both) of the wheels off the ground to enable you to easily remove the wheels, or carry out chain, or general maintenance.

    The motorcycle stands we stock are suitable for both B range motorcycles (all pre-unit & 650cc unit models) and C range (all 350cc & 500cc unit models). If you need help deciding which Triumph stand would be best for you classic motorcycle, talk to our expert here.

    If you have any questions about the website or have difficulty finding parts please ring Oliver Barnes +44 (0) 1395 444099 or email

    Take Note: If your motorcycle is a ’66, ST15, it is identified by swinging arm pin bolted through frame gussets.

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