Ginty Melvill

Ginty Melvill – Lusaka, Zambia

Oliver it is 20 years since I travelled from London to Bournemouth with Kate and we walked into your shop with a list as long as my arm for my 500 Speed Twin 1960 rebuild.

I will never forget the nice warm and friendly reception we got.

We were well pleased with the advice as well.

The bike is still going well on that rebuild, The gear box was not touched, and the only real problem was a cracked valve seat in all these years. I also later converted it to 12 volt, which was a good move.
I also have on frequent occasions picked your brains for information, which was always freely given and much appreciated, by myself.

I now see from adverts in Real Classic that you are going into retirement, and selling off the Business, which is a great pity, as far as we owners are concerned, and only hope that the business carries on in the same way as before.

It will be difficult to have a Tri-supply without Oliver answering the emails or the phone. I wish you well in your retirement, or whatever new venture you are going in to. I can`t imagine you sitting on the sofa in the front garden, in slippers and a warm gown, watching the world go by.
The passing of an era.

But of course all good things come to an end, and I wish you well in your Retirement, or whatever, but why don’t you do a bit of writing for the Magazines, so we can all benefit from your experiences and knowledge. Don’t sit on it, pass it on please. The fraternity, and we are a fraternity will miss you, so please somehow keep in touch, run for President of the Triumph Owners Club, or the VMCC or something, but don’t just fade away.

Regards and good luck in the future

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