What makes Tri-Supply the number 1 choice for Triumph motorcycle parts?

Tri-Supply was established in 1981 and Oliver Barnes took charge in 1993. We have seen our fair share of customers who use Triumph motorcycles, we feel that what sets us apart from the competition is our level of service and the effort put into making sure every single Triumph part that is supplied is to the highest quality.

In this article, we have outlined the reasons why our customers around the world tend to choose Tri-Supply for their Triumph motorcycle parts.

We have heaps of knowledge and years of experience

The owner of Tri-Supply, Oliver Barnes, started riding motorcycles in the ’70s which is where his passion for Triumph bikes began. Ever since then, his passion for the brand has grown and we have now been going even stronger for nearly 40 years!

Specialising in Triumph motorcycles made between 1946 to 1983, it’s safe to say that if we don’t have a premium part suitable, possibly no one else will either!

You can read more about the history of Tri-Supply here.

We don’t cut corners, so you know you will receive great quality Triumph parts

Our main goal is to provide our customers with high-quality Triumph parts. We have to admit, seeing a variety of cheaply made bulk products from the far east being sold on auction sites really grinds our gears! We source all our parts from Great British companies and we only use reputable makers and are extremely critical about what we supply. You can rest assured you will always be getting the best quality whether you visit our proper walk-in Triumph shop, buy online or over the phone.

We’re trusted worldwide by Triumph owners

One of the many benefits of being a Tri-Supply customer is that we ship worldwide, which is purely due to the huge demand for high-quality Triumph parts. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but we feel we are the number 1 supplier. The reason is that our customer base is returning and still expanding.

We have managed to build up this good reputation due to the personal contact you can easily get from us.

You can speak directly to Oliver, rather than just a call centre of salespeople who have not got the experience or knowledge about Triumph motorcycles.

“I just thought I would write to thank you for the help and advice you have given me during the restoration of the first of the two 1966 Tiger 90’s I own… It was not only the parts that I started to come up for but also the advice… There’s no substitute for experience.” – Steve

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We stock over 1,400 Triumph parts

With 98% stockholding at our shop in Devon, England, we don’t say we have something in stock unless we physically do. This allows us to ship your order in a timely manner with the care and attention it requires.

We stock a wide range of products, with our most popular being Triumph engine parts, Triumph fork parts, Triumph clutch parts and Triumph gearbox parts. So, whether you are looking for something a little more niche such as a specific headlamp part, or want to replace the Triumph badges on your motorcycle, we have got it ready and waiting! See our full range of products online here.

You can buy from our walk-in shop, over the phone or online

If you are coming from afar, there are some great hotels & B&Bs in Budleigh Salterton to stay whilst you visit. We love hearing your restoration stories about old Triumph bikes and can share some of our knowledge too.

We want to make the process of you buying your Triumph parts an easy one, so our extensive website has all our products listed. We also accept many payment methods including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

It’s also good to know that our returns and delivery process is simple. Depending on your order, we aim to process and dispatch orders within 2-7 days of the order being placed. If for any reason the item ordered is not correct, we will put it right for you. Read more about our delivery rates and process here.

If you would like advice on any of the products listed or are unsure which Triumph motorcycle parts are suitable for your bike, please call our Oliver Barnes on (0)1395 444099 or email us via our contact page here.